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Leading Statewide Efforts

PACHW works to empower and support Pennsylvania CHWs to drive and lead statewide efforts. CHW do this through chairing committees, meeting with stakeholders, presenting at conferences, participating in committees, and more. Committees strive to consist of 51% or more CHW membership, and CHW allies interested in attending meetings are asked to invite CHWs at their organization to attend as well. In 2023, over 15 CHWs gave formal presentations about PACHW at conferences or large groups. Two consultants who are Pennsylvania CHWs are currently funded for a portion of their time as they dedicate an extraordinary amount of time above and beyond their day job to PACHW.


PACHW Rally Day at the State Capitol - Oct. 17, 2023


2023 Pennsylvania CHW Retention SuRvey

2024 PACHW Scope of Services Survey Results