Retention Survey


2023 Pennsylvania
CHW Retention Survey

The Pennsylvania CHW Advancement and Advocacy Committee conducted an online survey of community health workers (CHWs) throughout the Commonwealth for three weeks in September and October, 2023.  The purpose of the survey was to examine CHW retention by identifying factors likely to cause CHWs to leave their current positions. The methodology for the survey employed a convenience sample, which resulted in some snowballing, distributed by established CHW organizations throughout the state. Both CHWs and certified CHWs responded to the survey (n=173).

Result Highlights

How likely are you to leave your current CHW position because of lack of recognition of CHWs in your organization?

Result Highlights

CHWs clearly indicated the top three reasons for leaving their current position: higher salary, lack of upward mobility, and stress and/or burnout related to their positions.  Employers may consider these factors by creating salary level structures for CHWs in their employ, professional development to assist CHWs with upward mobility, and opportunities and discussions of CHW self-care to address issues of stress management and burnout reduction.

The authors also recommend additional studies of the CHW population, including qualitative studies to mirror the issues addressed in this study.