Our Priorities


Our Priorities



Educate individuals, especially PA stakeholders, about what services CHWs provide and what they can offer in their communities.


Advocate for and develop sustainable financing approaches to support the long-term employment of CHWs in PA.


Make opportunities available for PACHWs to advance or grow in their careers.


Empower CHWs with the support needed to lead, identify, and drive advocacy efforts.

Statewide Priorities

Over the next 2 years, PACHW intends to work toward the following goals statewide:

sti1) Increase CHW awareness and hiring across PA. One lesson that PACHW has learned after a year of consistent and heavy advocacy across the General Assembly, state officials, and other stakeholders is that many people do not know what a CHW does nor understand their impact in Pennsylvania communities. Many people are eager to learn more and even want to begin their own CHW programs. When we held over 20 individual legislator meetings in Harrisburg at PA CHW Rally Day last fall, every conversation started out with a CHW talking about what services they provide and how they have impacted the lives of the people they serve. 


2) Develop state policies in collaboration with PA Department of Human Services that support low-barrier financial sustainability of the profession. CHW programs and positions end every month across the Commonwealth. Programs and positions end when grant funding ends, yet over 50% of funding for CHW positions currently comes from short-term grants. Through PACHW, hundreds of CHWs and allies from across PA have come together over the past 14 months to implement a CHW-driven, grassroots campaign to advocate for sustainable financing for PA CHWs. 


3) Increase opportunities for CHW career advancement and professional development.
Too often, CHWs are not allowed to advance to CHW supervisor positions or other higher-level positions within their organization because they do not possess a bachelor’s degree. A high school education is typically the requirement for CHWs, but even after 5 years of experience as a CHW, some PA CHWs are still unable to advance in their careers. A PA CHW impacted by this issue started the Advancement and Advocacy Committee last year to address this and work to change this policy with HR departments across CHW employers. 


4) Grow and empower a network of CHW leaders across the organization. There is vast potential to expand the reach of PACHW, but dedicated staff are needed to take these efforts to the next level. In addition to expanding membership, PACHW wants to empower and support more CHWs to drive and lead statewide efforts. 

Internal Goals

To achieve these statewide priorities, PACHW’s internal goals for the organization over the next two years include:

1) Develop a five (5) year strategic plan for the organization, outlining its key strategic priorities, goals, and objectives. 


2) Develop a business plan to support the sustainability of the organization. 

    3) Build the infrastructure to support PACHW employers with the technical assistance needed to participate in MA billing.


    4) Hire and support staff, including an inaugural Executive Director, who is a CHW, and a Communications Coordinator, who is a CHW Ally.